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November's Free Pattern for Cherry The Fox

November's Free Pattern for Cherry The Fox

Cherry is going to look so dapper at Thanksgiving this year with his new accessory.

A Bow Tie


How cute is that? He is ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  Save him a seat at your dinner table.  

Is your Thanksgiving a dress up affair or do you just show up for the food?  Comment below I would love to hear how your Thanksgiving dinners go down.  In our family we have good food but everyday clothes are fine at our table.  We aren't very fancy people.

So this pattern has 2 lengths of straps, one for a boy Cherry who wants to wear his bow tie around his neck and a second, longer strap for a little girl Cherry who wants to wear her bow as a headband.  

Girl fox headband.jpg

Speaking of girl foxes, I love how easy it is to change any stuffed animal into a girl just by the addition of 2 well placed stitches on the outside of the eyes to create eyelashes.  

So here is that link again for the bow tie. Sew one up, it only takes about 15 minutes to create and is oh so cute!

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