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Tip #1 on how to sew a better softie.

Here's your first tip on sewing your new softie. 

-Set your machine to a short stitch length. 

Here's why: Softies need a lot of stuffing.  Like a lot.  Whenever I'm stuffing I find myself singing "Just keep stuffing, just keep stuffing" (You know- in a Dory tune).  Because of this, when you add the stuffing to your new creation the stitches become stretched out and strained, which can cause the stuffing to pop out the seams or even worse- a raw fray edge can be pushed out.  These mistakes are really difficult to correct after the fact. 

So what is a good stitch length? 

I'm glad you asked! Set your machine to a stitch length of 2mm or less.  I generally stitch at 1.5 mm.  Take a look at this picture I took to show you the difference.  The one on the right has an appropriate stitch length- Looks good. On the left the stitching is too far apart and the stitching looks stressed! 

stitch length.jpg


Got it? Easy Peasy.

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Tip #2 On how to sew an awesome softie- Pinning

It's Here! The free Cherry the Fox Pattern

It's Here! The free Cherry the Fox Pattern