Christmas Tree Advent Calendar PDF Pattern

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar PDF Pattern


This is a PDF pattern of a Christmas Tree advent calendar made using fabric and felt. It is a great way to count down to Christmas with 24 different ornaments that embrace the feelings of the season with amazing attention to details.

As we countdown to christmas the children are going to return to this calendar each day to place a different ornament on the tree. Their cute hands hanging those ornaments is going to be something to remember forever. Ahh, the feelings of christmas are felt every day with this calendar.

For those of you who can't decide which ornaments you like the best, there are 2 extras in there to choose from. You can make them all and switch the ones you use each year, or pick your favorites and just make those! 

Each ornament is unique and the instructions are written with each ornament described step by step. It truly is a one of a kind calendar that your children will look forward to using each day.

The pattern includes

-Materials and tool lists
-Easy to follow instructions with a ton of illustrations to better understand each step.
-Full size templates for the tree, presents under the tree, numbers, pockets and ornaments.

The template for the pockets and numbers is very useful and makes the process of the pockets very easy. It helps with placing the numbers on straight and also the actual pockets and spacing them correctly.

The finished calendar dimensions are 20 inches by 35 inches, plus the loops at the top used for hanging.

Skill level: Intermediate- a knowledge of basic embroidery stitches including backstitch, blanket stitch, running and double running stitch are helpful. As well as use of a sewing machine.

All the ornaments are hand sewn with an option to hand sew the tree and buttons on the tree. The sewing machine is used to sew the pocket numbers and pockets themselves and the binding around the calendar.

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