Woodland Animal Series 2

Woodland Animal Series 2

36.00 48.00

Join me in a sew along to create the whole Woodland Animal Series! If you purchase this series you will be receiving the owl, otter, deer and ROUND BALL HEDGEHOG.

  • The sew along officially began April 1, 2019. Currently we are sewing the otter!

  • When you choose to join us in the Woodland Sew Along you will be sent all 4 patterns as this is the last month of our sew along.  If you join us now, you will automatically get sent the deer, owl, otter, and hedgehog.

  • There is a 1 time cost of $36 which will get you 4 patterns. That's an awesome deal at 25% off the cost of the animals if purchased individually ($48.00). This sale ends at the end of the sew along (July 31).

  • There are 2 hedgehog patterns in the sew along. Purchasing the sew along will get you 1 pattern, the round ball hedgehog.

  • Join the sew along at any time all the way through July, but once it's over the patterns will only be available individually, for the full price.  

  • We will be sharing what we sew on the Misty's Whimsies Facebook Group, so consider joining that!

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